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My addiction and how it all began…


I started this journey to addiction around the middle of 2007 and my Husband is to blame.

Don’t get me wrong, my Dear Hubby works hard every day and is a very loving Husband and Father. For the most part, he is also a healthy person.

However, on that particular day he had come in contact with something that had caused an allergic reaction. He began to itch and scratch as a rash broke out across his feet and legs. Within days it had quickly began to move up to his arms as well. He was beginning to drive me crazy with the itchies and it was only going to get worse!

We tried a few remedies, including calamine lotion, but nothing seemed to be working. So “we” continued to suffer until I finally convinced him to see our Doctor.

For those of you that don’t know, we see a Naturopath on a regular basis. Dr. Shipman and the staff at Ozark Herb & Spice are fantastic and have been such a blessing to our family. 

It was recommended that he use old fashioned lye soap to help dry up the rash by letting the soap dry on his skin. We purchased 2 bars from a local store and rushed home for him to try it.

Old Fashioned Lye Soap

He applied it several times over the next few days and it appeared to be working! However, the bars of soap were soft and melted away very quickly. I realized that he was going to take a bit of time to heal and he was simply washing the money down the drain, so to speak. 

Rewind to the previous year. I had begun searching for a new hobby when I had come across some information on soap making. I was intrigued, so I rushed out and bought some lard and lye. As things would have it, life got in the way and I pushed the items aside. Something for another day, I thought… 

Suddenly I remembered the previous soap making information and the thought came to me…Surely I can make this too! I set my mind to work and spent countless hours doing research. There were many experiments along the way as well. All to make the perfect bar of soap. 

Time passed and my Darling Husband made a complete recovery. I, on the other hand, became a true addict. I am now and forever will be a Soap Junkie!

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