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The answer is right in front of you!


Ever lose your car keys and spend what seems like hours looking for them? 

Car Keys

What about a receipt that you need in order to return something?


We have all been there at one time or another and it can be very frustrating. You spend what little free time you have, tearing the house apart, looking for whatever it is that you need at that moment. Some of us are easily distracted, so we see something else that grabs our attention. We get sidetracked and before long we have forgotten what we started out looking for in the first place!

Often, the one thing that you search for is right there in front of you. We waste hours of our time looking but we can’t seem to see it. Many times I feel like I’m going in circles simply trying to find my way through each day.

Those are the times when I need to remind myself to look up and ask the Lord to help me see more clearly. 🙂


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