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Are you tired of buying plain, ordinary and all around boring soap?

Well, you won't find that here! I love to make soap and I love for it to look all swirly and stuff! Oh and it must smell Delicious too!

You use soap every day. So why shouldn't you treat yourself to beautiful swirls of color and luscious fragrances to brighten your day.

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Loyal customers, they don’t just come back, they don’t simply recommend you, they insist that their friends do business with you.

I have used a wide variety of Fragrant Moon products. I love her soaps, her bath bombs, her shampoo bars, and her lip balms. And best of all are her “Bubble Bars”. Those don’t just get you clean, they elicit giggles from any child who encounters them. Theresa combines beautiful scents, colors and clever techniques to create something truly special!

Julie H.
Bubble Bars
The Perfect Man Bath Bomb
I purchased some bath bombs from Fragrant moon AFTER she was kind enough to lend me an extra table she had. On TOP of her kindness- I must say- these bath bombs are just that. THE BOMB. They’re fuzzy and milky soft, vibrant (so fun to watch the bath turn), and the smells are pure heaven! I made the great decision to part with my “perfect man” bath bomb (just half of it) to give to my boyfriend’s bath (hey, the tub didn’t need much water for him!) and he took the iconic photo we all take in the bath with bath bombs. Pretty water and his legs came through my phone and he said he felt pretty and smelled even better. I CAN CONFIRM. Now, my perfect man smells like The Perfect Man (that’s the scent!)
Better yet, now he understands why I love them and sees what an investment these guys are 12/10 will buy these bombs again.
Jacqueline J.

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