Large Eucalyptus Deodorant


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Are you tired of getting an itchy pit rash with your deodorant? Our Pit Stop Deodorant will put a stop to it!

I have formulated this deodorant specifically without Baking Soda, for just that reason. For some people it can cause itching and/or a pit rash. I do not use beeswax either, since it can stain your clothes. Who needs that?!


Ozokerite – vegan mineral wax (emmolient)
Fractionated Coconut (antibacterial/antifungal)
Coconut oil (antibacterial/antifungal)
Mango butter
Stearyl alcohol (improves glide/emollient)
Beta Cyclodextrin (absorbs odor)
Magnesium Hydroxide (absorbs oil/odor)
Arrowroot (absorbs/reduces oilyness)
Modified Tapioca Starch (absorbs/reduces oilyness)
Zinc Ricinoleate – natural salt found in Castor oil (antibacterial- controls odor)
Iota Carrageenan(from seaweed) (absorbs sweat)
Vit E
Eucalyptus Essential Oil