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The Soap Fairies Among Us

I absolutely love making soap!

You don’t always know how the next batch will look. Soap reacts in such a way that sometimes the color you think you will end up with is not at all what the soap wanted to become.

Sometimes you aim for purple and end up with pink…or worse,
a dull grayish brown color that reminds you of poo….yeah, never mind. We won’t go there.

This time I left it up to the soap fairies to decide what would become of this Vanilla Sandalwood.








I knew the vanilla content  would cause it to darken. Little did I realize just how dark and luscious it would turn out!

The picture does not do it justice. The shimmer is a light coating of gold dust, for a little added flair.

You really must experience this one in person. It smells Amazing!













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