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The Mountain of Clothes

Today was laundry day….

Hold on a minute! Isn’t everyday laundry day when you have a family?!

The mountain of clothing dwindles but I can never seem to get all of it done at one time.

I think i almost have it all caught up and i turn around only to find that someone slipped into the laundry room and put more clothes in the basket! It’s madness, I tell you!

But I digress…

Today was laundry day….ho hum



My excitement for the day came when. I realized I was almost out of soap. Eek! How can that be?!


I’ll tell you how…

It happens when you have two adult children bring their dirty clothes home to launder when they visit.

But, I really don’t mind. It allows me to have more time with them and that is what matters.

So I gave the laundry a rest for the day and I made laundry soap instead!

Yay me!!

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